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Market in View capitalizes on its unique combination of market knowledge and technology expertise to identify strategic and actionable business opportunities. Market in View’s case studies exemplify successful, revenue-generating decisions that can drive business growth through primary research, analysis, and actionable recommendations.

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Quantitative Study on Impact of Direct Marketing Campaigns
11/16. Service Type: Quantitative
Market in View is in the fourth year of a quantitative study focused on measuring the impact that various direct marketing campaigns about products and services have on customer opinions towards a Fortune 500 company. This national, quarterly tracking study compares data from customers who receive the marketing collateral directly to that of control groups who did not receive the materials. Insights identified potential lift that the direct marketing initiatives have had on customer perceptions of the services, products and the provider.

Quantitative Performance Study for a Construction Industry Manufacturer
10/16. Service Type: Quantitative
Market in View conducted this quantitative research study for the manufacturer of a construction product to better understand overall performance of the manufacturer, their distributors and identify improvement initiatives. By surveying local contractors in 24 markets within North America, insights were gained, not only about the client and their distributors, but also about competing manufacturers and their associated distributors. Analysis was conducted on the manufacturer’s distributors with market-level detail for each geography, culminating with reporting at the national level, highlighting overall performance for the manufacturer.

Consumer Advisory Panel Quantitative Study
10/16. Service Type: Quantitative
This quantitative research study of a Consumer Advisory Panel is conducted monthly to evaluate various aspects of a service and how customers use an application available with the service. By tracking and analyzing the customer experience with the service and app, insights are gained concerning satisfaction and how any issues encountered are ultimately resolved. Future considerations for the service and app are explored. The flexibility of the survey allows for in-depth exploration of a different topic every month, providing timely insights for the client.

Qualitative Study of a Prototype Application
10/16. Service Type: Qualitative
Market in View performed this qualitative study during the product development cycle for an app nearing launch. By conducting focus groups with customers exhibiting various levels of app use, insights were gained on the expectations and value of apps across different segments of users. Recommendations included identifying design feature improvements needed before launch, a revised market position for consideration, and advice for management about the ongoing support necessary to deliver and maintain a quality product.

In-Language Hispanic Telephone Recruit for the Financial Industry
09/16. Service Type: Qualitative
Market in View successfully recruited Hispanic participants for in-depth, one-on-one telephone interviews for the financial industry. All contact was in-language. Individuals were screened online with a follow-up telephone interview to further vet potential candidates. Recruiting requirements included specific financial habits, including use of a prepaid debit card. The individuals needed for this quick turn project were carefully identified and the in-depth telephone interviews provided the desired insight for the client.

Development of a Customer Loyalty Program - Quantitative and Qualitative Research
09/16. Service Type: Quantitative, Qualitative
This series of quantitative and qualitative studies was instrumental in shaping a customer loyalty program for a major Fortune 500 company. With each iteration of over a dozen pilot projects, insights were gained and honed concerning customer needs for appreciation, their reaction to various loyalty rewards, and how these offers impacted their opinion of the company. By analyzing customer perceptions of the company and responses to various offers and benefits, specific rewards were identified that would convey the company’s deep appreciation for their customers.

Ongoing Recruit for Convenience Food Industry
08/16. Service Type: Qualitative
Market in View is in the sixth year of qualitative recruiting for a food industry client to identify reasons which prompt consumers to purchase a specific convenience food and explore the nuances of why consumers select particular brands. By implementing a wide variety of qualitative interview scenarios in 26 markets nationwide, insights have been gained regarding brand preferences owned by this client as well as specific likes or dislikes associated with their brands.

Footwear Recruit
07/16. Service Type: Qualitative
Market in View successfully recruited individuals to participate in a study for the outdoor footwear industry. Six in-home friendship groups and four shop-along groups were conducted in two markets. Individuals were screened to identify those who embodied the personality, brand preferences, and lifestyle criteria required for the study. Socially and physically active adults, influential in their peer groups and would be considered an outdoor enthusiast, were recruited for the in-person discussion groups

Quantitative/Qualitative Study of an Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser
07/16. Service Type: Quantitative
Market in View performed a multifaceted study to understand the general perceptions and churn drivers for an automatic paper towel dispenser. By combining qualitative and quantitative research methods, insights were gained on the behaviors and attitudes of customers who have or may be considering churning as well as the overall life cycle of the product from original purchase drivers to product experience to dissatisfaction drivers. Key actions were recommended to reduce churn and potential churn from the product. Specific brand attributes that distinguish the brand from the competition were defined for future marketing efforts.

Quantitative Study for Aviation Industry
06/16. Service Type: Quantitative
Market in View performed quantitative research to assess market perceptions regarding an aviation weather service as well as evaluate price and potential feature options for product concepts under consideration by the provider. By analyzing responses from active, general aviation pilots, an understanding of critical weather features for this segment of the aviation market was gained. Price point and the feature mix needed to maximize subscribers and revenue were identified.

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