case study: Quantitative In-Person Network Perception Device Study

Market in View fielded this in-person, hands-on device and data network evaluation study among tech-savvy consumer and business IT decision makers. This study used pre-commercial launch testing to measure awareness and perception of two different data networks as well as key performance ratings of real devices performing various tasks tested on live networks.

service: Quantitative

completion date: September 2011

the approach: We conducted in-house screening, interviewing and recruiting of nearly 200 tech-savvy consumer and business decision makers to participate in this trial of future technology in two markets. This unique study used a real-life market scenario where various tasks were performed with cell phone devices operating on two different data networks, assessing initial reactions and performance perception. This real-life experience of the features and network impact on quality and performance of the handheld devices allowed respondents to participate in spontaneous capture of feedback and identification of potential issues for this intense technical launch. This data was collected via computer based surveys as well as in-depth group discussions during each session. This highly confidential study was conducted by using a limited number of proprietary trial devices, using our in-house technical and planning skills to ensure complete security of the content being tested to ensure a seamless testing environment.

the results: By comparing awareness and perception data for both data networks, measuring performance vs. expectations and gauging reactions to different simultaneous voice and data network usage scenarios, we were able to provide direction to optimize the client’s go-to-market strategy in a prelaunch scenario. These consumer learnings allowed us to gain insight on prioritizing product improvements, set technical expectations and provide specific direction into messaging and positioning strategies for launching these networks nationwide. Additionally, key insights were gained regarding impact to the brand and brand values.

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