This survey evaluated customers’ shopping and downloading experiences with three recently launched ringtone purchase applications, and compared these with an existing, widely used application. The goal was to understand how each of the new applications’ ease of use and other attributes impacted users’ purchase behavior, as well as the likelihood of their selecting a particular shopping application in the future.

service: Qualitative
completion date: June 2007

the approach: Customers who had previously downloaded the three shopping applications being surveyed were invited to participate in the survey via a text message. Upon replying and supplying their e-mail addresses, customers were e-mailed a link to the online survey. The survey was fielded over several days for each of the applications, approximately three to five weeks after their commercial launch.
the results: The survey provided detailed feedback on application usage, including the percentage of participants who browsed and purchased ringtones using each application, and their overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend each one. The data also revealed key likes and dislikes of each of the applications, and comparisons of specific attributes such as ease of use, visual appeal, download speed, search engine quality and ringtone selection. The study further clarified which of the new applications has the broadest appeal based on the ranking of its attributes, and pinpointed the strengths and potential improvements of all three programs. Lastly, the applications were compared to a longstanding, broadly used program for ringtone shopping, and the data were overlaid with demographic information to reveal trends of usage and preference among certain segments of the population.