This series of quantitative and qualitative studies was instrumental in shaping a customer loyalty program for a major Fortune 500 company. With each iteration of over a dozen pilot projects, insights were gained and honed concerning customer needs for appreciation, their reaction to various loyalty rewards, and how these offers impacted their opinion of the company. By analyzing customer perceptions of the company and responses to various offers and benefits, specific rewards were identified that would convey the company’s deep appreciation for their customers.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: September 2016

the approach: Market in View used a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods to evaluate customer needs toward feeling appreciated and the most effective way for the company to fulfill these needs. The ideal program to convey appreciation was developed by systematically offering a variety of pilot incentive programs, analyzing redemption behavior and perceptions of each, and measuring the affect each had on the customer’s opinion toward the company.
the results: The results and analysis provided by Market in View led to implementing a tier system of rewards based on customer tenure with products and services from the offering company. Recommendations covered all aspects of the final program, including the philosophy of how to treat a customer, specific reward offers, and implementation of the loyalty program. As a result of Market in View’s analysis and recommendations, the client is now demonstrating their appreciation to their customers through the offers and benefits that appeal most to their customers and create the greatest sense of appreciation, ultimately leading to an improved relationship between the customer and the company.