This survey gathered customer feedback about a recently launched commercial storefront for mobile phones. Users’ reports of shopping and downloading experiences were analyzed to measure awareness of the new interface, as well as its appeal and impact on purchase behavior as compared to the prior storefront.

service: Qualitative
completion date: September 2007

the approach: Customers identified as having experienced the updated storefront were invited via e-mail to download a free ringtone and complete an online survey about their experience. The survey was fielded over a 13-day period.
the results: Understanding customer perceptions about the new storefront’s functionality or their willingness to recommend it to others is critical to the company’s efforts to improve its product. This survey examined customers’ reactions to the storefront, including specific factors such as visual appeal, ease of use, download speed, and selection of ringtones and other products, and correlated the impact of the interface on their purchase decisions. In addition, survey participants provided detailed information on aspects of the new storefront that they perceived as better ― for example, menu readability and browsing of ringtones, games, graphics and other applications ― or worse ― such as product selection and searching, as well as navigation and purchasing ― than those of the prior storefront.