This goal of this survey was to determine interest in, and intent to purchase, music features. The survey gauged participants’ interest in individual music services as well as interest and purchase intent of a customizable music bundle concept. Survey responses also provided comprehensive profiles of purchase intenders.

service: Quantitative
completion date: November 2007

the approach: A company-branded e-mail invitation was sent to customers who also owned music phones. The survey was conducted online over eight days with the participation of 513 consumers, and various music services and bundles were rotated for the study.
the results: This survey’s objective was to assess customer interest in various currently available music features, and analyze feedback about each service’s usefulness, functionality and price point, as well as intent to purchase each one. The data pinpointed the features most often preferred and those with significantly lower appeal, and how each of these fared in purchase intent. In studying various demographic categories, the study found that gender has the most impact on purchase intent for individual music services. The survey went beyond individual services to evaluate participants’ interest and pricing feedback for a bundled concept that would allow a customizable approach, permitting users to select the group of services of most interest to them. Although overall purchase interest in bundled music services is fairly low, a quarter of those surveyed indicated an interest in the unpriced concept, based mostly on customization ability and convenience. Price emerged as the most important factor influencing purchase intent. Survey respondents also provided feedback on currently available and concept music features for their mobile phones.