Market in View’s targeted online discussion groups gathered input from technologically savvy participants to help its client understand drivers for consumer migration from one multi-functional communication device to another.

service: Qualitative
completion date: February 2009

the approach: To reach this low incidence group, Market in View sent branded email invitations to opt-in participants from a prior device tracking survey who had indicated both current ownership of the study device and previous ownership of a specific similar model. Online chat-based focus groups centered on these users’ decision to migrate to their current device.
the results: For these online focus groups, Market in View leveraged available business chat tools to provide its client with cost-effective, quick-turn input from a specialized group of mobile technology consumers. In these real-time discussions with a Market in View moderator, participants revealed their primary reasons for switching to their current communication device. The real-time nature of the forum allowed Market in View and the client company to react immediately to participant input and guide the discussion without disrupting the session. Respondents compared specific functionalities of each device and their likes/dislikes of each, and shared their perceptions about potential target markets for each model. In addition, participants discussed their likelihood to switch back to the former device. As part of its conversations with these consumers, Market in View gathered information about their willingness to invest — and their actual projected spending plans — for the study device and its accessories/applications.