Market in View is in the fourth year of a quantitative study focused on measuring the impact that various direct marketing campaigns about products and services have on customer opinions towards a Fortune 500 company. This national, quarterly tracking study compares data from customers who receive the marketing collateral directly to that of control groups who did not receive the materials. Insights identified potential lift that the direct marketing initiatives have had on customer perceptions of the services, products and the provider.

service: Quantitative
completion date: November 2016

the approach: Online interviews are conducted in multiple markets among customers who receive the direct marketing campaigns as well as control groups who did not. Emphasis is placed on specific markets, and subgroup quotas within markets are imposed to insure the respondent mix meets client needs. Recently, the survey architecture was redesigned to accommodate a twofold increase in the number of campaigns involved in the research. Market in View continues to evaluate numerous attributes surrounding each campaign including recall, impact, action(s) taken, opinions of the service, and willingness to recommend the service and provider.
the results: By capturing and measuring the opinions and perceptions of the customers receiving the direct marketing campaigns, and the ability to compare results to a control group, insights are continually gained on the perceived value of the communications. Detailed analysis for each component of the various campaigns reveal the strengths and weaknesses associated with the specific marketing materials. Market in View quantifies the positive impact the communications have on key measures, which direct internal initiatives focused on improving customer opinions about both the service and the company.