Market in View performed an online Quantitative study to determine the marketing message that would best position a new service offering in the wireless industry. After identifying the most appealing positioning statement and description for the service, interest level was determined for a combination of options available at different price points. By analyzing results from multiple user groups, a recommendation was made which clearly identified the positioning statement and price point that would attract the most subscribers.

service: Quantitative
completion date: June 2015

the approach: During this quantitative study, three segments of users were identified and surveyed based on their current mobile computing habits. Out of 25 possible combinations for the marketing message, the best set of statements to promote the service was determined. Three plan packages were presented during the research, each with different features and price structures. Analysis highlighted the perceived pros and cons of the service offerings, allowing the client to address issues of concern prior to announcement. By presenting specific message and package choices to multiple user groups, a clear favorite description and plan price were determined that appealed across segments.
the results: Market in View’s research and analysis identified the key strengths and weaknesses consumers perceived with the new service, along with the most effective marketing message and preferred price point. The client was able to use the recommendations for the plan announcement and service implementation.