This quantitative, online study evaluated the effectiveness of a broadcast persona on consumer awareness, use and satisfaction of an online service application. By analyzing the consumer’s initial awareness and usage of the online service app, as well as evaluating perceptions of tutorial videos within the app, valuable insights were gained regarding use of the application, the effectiveness of the tutorials, and the reliability of the broadcast persona in driving consumers’ decision to use the online app.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: October 2015

the approach: Market in View surveyed a mix of app users, revealing the drivers and barriers for using the online service application. Specific analysis on the appeal and effectiveness of the persona used in broadcast media and online videos revealed the impact of the persona on driving consumer online app usage. Consumer attitudes towards the application’s online tutorials and the level of helpfulness gained were identified in order to improve the consumer experience and increase use of the online service application.
the results: Market in View was able to identify barriers to using the online service application and preferred alternative service channels. Insights were gained on the online tutorials perceived as most valuable and the overall impact of the broadcast persona’s effectiveness within the marketing strategy. With an understanding of the consumer and their level of satisfaction with the online service application experience, recommendations were provided to tailor the broadcast persona and message to increase satisfaction and usage of the online service application.