This quantitative survey provided a detailed understanding of mobile phone users’ sensitivity to ring tone pricing across various price points, as well as the specific factors that influence purchase decisions and how these differ according to demographic segment and participant telecommunication behavior. In addition, the study produced clear, solid data critical to determining usage and trial rates for volume forecasts and projecting future ring tone purchase levels and revenue profiles.

service: Quantitative
completion date: May 2007

the approach: An initial e-mail invitation from Market In View yielded a survey base of 2,647 U.S. demographically balanced mobile phone users, ages 16 to 54, who participated in the online survey over a period of four days.
the results: This survey provides forecastable data to support vital future pricing decisions by quantifying the impact of ring tone price decreases, and the pinpointing the price at which purchase intent is at its highest, as well as the price with the potential to yield the maximum revenue per subscriber. Additionally, the survey zooms into information provided by participants who indicated a clear intent to purchase, featuring a detailed matrix comparison of all demographic groups by gender, age, ethnicity and region that highlights the precise subset/price point combination yielding the largest revenue per subscriber. A second matrix of purchase intenders compares price point sensitivity by past and current telecommunications characteristics, including service provider, monthly bill, past history of ring tone purchases and age of phone, and also identifies the subset/price point intersection with the highest revenue potential. Finally, the survey provides an average revenue projection among purchase intenders, as compared to that of all survey participants.