Market in View performed a two-phase study to understand customer perceptions of a Broadcast Television concept. By combining two research methodologies, Market in View was able to insure product concept quality and understanding through qualitative interviews as well as quantitative confirmation to feed into the client’s business modeling. Key actions were recommended to potential product barriers and increase purchase consideration.


service: Qualitative and Quantitative
completion date: August 2017


the approach: Market in View conducted six focus groups, among a variety of Broadcast and Cable viewers to gain in-depth insights into product strengths and weaknesses as well as wording changes to optimize product understanding. By implementing a second phase of online quantitative research with the refined concept, a market forecast for this product was clearly identified.
the results: By developing the concept with qualitative research and then testing it quantitatively, Market in View calculated market demand and established a profile of acceptors and rejecters for product awareness and purchase consideration. Market in View identified the key customer segment most interested in the Broadcast Television product to use for market communication and targeting.