We provide primary research, analysis, and actionable recommendations for companies regarding their products, services, processes, and competition.


  • Consumer Demand Identification
    Market-driven identification of consumer demand
    Examples: Beauty Aids, Healthcare Products, Cell Phone Push to Talk, Location-based Services, Improved cell phone ruggedness, ease of use, style, and colors

  • Product, Feature, and Technology Sell-in
    Proven track record of using business and consumer motivations to gain partner acceptance and support of new products and features
    Examples: Weight Loss Foods, Mobile Internet, Bluetooth, Cameras built-in to cell phones, Location determining technologies

  • Technology Development
    Use of market trends and strategic planning to provide market input into core technology development
    Examples: Phase IV Clinical Trials, Skin Care Products, Picture Messaging, 3G wireless technology, mobile JAVA

Principal Services

  • Market Opportunity Analysis
    Generating an accurate picture of market demand and identifying the key market segments to target

  • Concept and Product Testing
    Understanding consumer drivers, likes, dislikes, and intent towards new products and services to assess commercial viability, identify key strengths, and flag risk areas
    • Purchase Behavior – realizing key consumer purchase drivers in the purchase process
    • Needs Gap Analysis – identification of market needs and development of product concepts

  • Consumer, Market, and Technology Trends
    Tracking evolving opportunities with regard to size, key drivers, and growth potential

  • Total Value Chain Analysis
    Improving products and process development through examination of all stakeholders; creating buy-in of employees, executive management, partners, and customers

  • Technology Commercialization Support
    Guiding cutting edge technologies from the lab, through development, to real market and business success