Experienced in broadcast radio and television, bio-medical research, and consumer electronics, we can work with companies from initial concept and sell-in to technical customer acceptance and marketing activities.


We provide primary research, analysis, and actionable recommendations for companies regarding their products, services, processes, and competition.


Methodologies and Tools

  • Quantitative
    On-line, telephone, anywhere intercept

  • Qualitative
    One on one, focus group, intercept, telephone

  • Market Trial
    Small and large scale, advanced products and services

  • Usability Testing
    Heuristic and user assessment of products and services

  • Advanced Analyses
    Market segmentation, conjoint, choice

  • Text Analytics
    Quantitative analysis of unstructured data using advanced text analytics software

  • Concept Communication
    Text, graphics, interactive multimedia, video, story boards

  • Reporting
    Tailored presentations (researchers to technical teams to executive management), reports, video / audio, data files, market simulators, interactive reports, web-based reporting