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William Gast
William brings over 30 years of successful international technical and marketing experience in the areas of consumer electronics, services, broadcast radio and television, and bio-medical research. With the commercial launches of over 30 mobile phones, working from initial concept through marketing activities, William possesses a wealth of experience to quickly and dramatically improve our clients’ business processes and strategies. William also expertly conveys and tailors ideas, results, and recommendations that are customized to all types of audiences — management, engineers, researchers, and consumers.

Elisabeth Gibbons
Elisabeth has over 30 years of experience in market and consumer research and has extensive experience in analyzing market trends and understanding consumer needs to identify key strategic market opportunities. By utilizing cutting edge quantitative and qualitative research techniques, Elisabeth can quickly gather consumer and market data, analyze and distill key trends, and finally present actionable recommendations to all levels of management. Elisabeth is also an expert focus group moderator who excels at building a trusting and comfortable environment for the participants to allow in-depth probing into behavior and key emotional drivers to generate and develop new concepts and ideas into key selling points for successful marketing strategies. Having a vested role in a project from start to finish for both qualitative and quantitative studies helps provide consistent, thorough and clear results that are building on each other from ideation to product launch.

Adriana Morales
In six years with Market in View, Adriana’s market-oriented focus has helped consumer/B2B customers identify unique opportunities to grow their businesses. Adriana brings in 29 years of marketing experience with 20 of them dedicated to market research analysis and management. Brazilian by birth, Adriana has worked for leading companies in both the telecom and home appliances industries. Having managed telecom market research for the Latin American Region based in Miami, and globally based in London, UK, Adriana has expert knowledge about customer behavior in different cultures. Adriana is a native Portuguese speaker, is fluent in English, and conversant in Spanish.

Holly Williamson
Holly brings over 14 years of market research experience to Market in View, working on both the client and vendor side of research. Initially Holly worked in market research as a client and interacted with facilities.  She later moved to Texas where she decided to learn the facility side of the industry to manage consumer, business and medical research studies. Upon being promoted to Facility Manager, Holly was responsible for both customer-facing and behind the scenes aspects of each study, interacting with clients while managing facility activities such as recruiting, catering, budgets, and audio/visual needs in order to ensure successful study execution. In 2012, Holly moved to North Carolina to work with Market in View as a recruitment manager.  As Holly continues to grow within the Market in View organization, she is now responsible for the recruiting and project management of all qualitative and quantitative research projects.  Holly works closely with vendors to manage project flow, ensure budget needs are met and project execution is completed in a timely fashion.

Thomas Gibbons
Thomas brings over 30 years of information systems experience in the areas of technology, advertising, sales, market research and is Qualtrics Gold Level Certified. He has successfully led a variety of software development and technology infrastructure projects. For past 14 years, he has programmed and tested market research surveys using Zoomerang, Inquisite, Survey Console, Beacon, Question Pro, and Qualtrics.  Using his knowledge and background in web-based technologies, he has developed a number of innovative web-based solutions to collect and dynamically report market research data including customizable on-the-fly data aggregation and stat testing.

Jon Austin
Jon brings over 30 years of software development experience in the areas of telecommunications, networking, and market research. He has led joint development with vendor teams and collaborated with peers and customers on development and support of global beta programs. For the past ten years, he has programmed and tested market research surveys using Inquisite, Survey Console, Beacon, Question Pro, and Qualtrics.


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Corporate Headquarters
Market in View is located in Cary, North Carolina, based near Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park.