Market in View worked with over 30 various sized businesses to conduct a hands-on user trial of a multi-user over a four-week period, in order to generate real-world user feedback prior to commercial launch.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: January 2010

the approach: Over 30 businesses in various markets installed and used the product for four weeks, and provided feedback through a series of four online surveys, completed at the pre-trial, installation, two-week and post-trial stages. Respondents were telecom decision-makers within their company.
the results: This study provided a realistic predictor of reactions to this multi-user product by placing the product in real business environments and tracking performance, usage and satisfaction. During the trial, Market in View supported respondents by providing first-tier assistance for product issues and problems, as well as tracking all communications regarding the devices. Each of the study’s four survey points provided a critical read on product performance: The pre-trial survey results served as a baseline of perceptions prior to installation and use. The installation survey measured ease of installation. The two week results gave an early-read on customer reaction. The post-trial survey provided longer-term (4 weeks) tracking of usage and performance ratings and the ability to predict marketplace acceptance for commercial launch.