This study evaluated an array of positioning statements used to describe and advertise two different telecommunications bundle offerings. A detailed analysis of the findings revealed the most favorable statement, as well as clarifying the appeal, importance and relevance of all statements and bundles, and attitudes about the client company’s services.

service: Quantitative
completion date: May 2008

the approach: Qualifying subscribers to at least one of the four bundle services completed an online survey, which featured a monadic rotation of seven potential bundle descriptions. Base size was 1,713 participants.
the results: The survey zeroed in on key attributes ― appeal, believability, likelihood to seek more information, relevance and sensibility ― across all choices statements in order to determine the optimal positioning statement for advertising the service bundles, and to highlight top- and bottom-ranking statements for each attribute. The study pinpointed the most effective overall message, defined as driving the most respondents to seek out more information about the bundle offering, and analyzed all statements for age, gender and cable usage patterns in order to identify key target segments. A Van Westendorp analysis measured the impact of concrete price points and identified the statement that resonated most strongly with customers at both pricing structures, as well as determining the optimal price for both the three- and four-service bundles. Lastly, the study examined broader customer perceptions, including perceived quality of service at each price point, perceived impact of bundling on savings and the most important reasons to subscribe to bundle services.