In this follow up to a 2007 study, Market in View gathered and analyzed consumer feedback on various media management concept naming options to determine the descriptive name preferred overall as well as among various target demographic groups.

service: Quantitative
completion date: August 2008

the approach: Over 1,300 prescreened participants who displayed positive or neutral interest in the tested concept provided feedback via an online survey.
the results: This study weighed six potential names for a media management service, assessing concept acceptors’ input about each name across key diagnostic attributes such as Best Fit, Best Liked and Most Unique. The study report highlighted probable reasons for variations in name preference from a 2007 study that examined the same names, such as changes in concept description wording and the removal of the company brand name from each of the naming options. The study then gauged the impact of the client company’s name on likelihood to purchase the service. Further, the survey determined which names resulted in the highest recall at the end of the survey, and analyzed each name across key demographic segments to check for variations. The study’s detailed findings provided the client company with tangible information to support and advance future marketing of its service.