This Conjoint study revealed the device price and attribute preferences for those considering the purchase of a new device and service plan in the next six months. By understanding the decision drivers and analyzing the multiple combinations of possible device and plan characteristics, Market in View determined the optimal set of devices with price points which will maximize purchase interest for inclusion in the portfolio.

service: Quantitative
completion date: September 2013

the approach: Using a web-based survey, customers who are considering a new device were presented with a series of discrete choice options for devices and price points. Respondents selected their preference from a multitude of devices, presented in a random exposure of sets, with a limited number of devices per set. Based on their choices, the value consumers placed on various characteristics of the devices and the price sensitivity were determined.
the results: Market in View identified the price that customers are willing to pay, the desired hardware, and the preferred provider for this device and service plan. Using Conjoint analysis, an optimal set of devices along with pricing was recommended for the product portfolio.