This conjoint study revealed the plan and price point preferences for wireless data plans being considered for inclusion in the product portfolio. By understanding the service decision drivers and analyzing the multiple combinations of possible plans, Market in View determined the optimal set of data plans and price points for the portfolio.

service: Quantitative
completion date: December 2012

the approach: Using a web based survey, 1100 wireless users were presented with a series of discrete choice options of plans and price points. Each respondent selected their preference from each of 5 sets of plans. Based on their choices, the value consumers placed on various aspects of the wireless data plan was determined. Utility scores were extracted to measure the impact and value of specific plan attributes.
the results: Using conjoint analysis, an optimal set of wireless data plans with pricing was recommended for the product portfolio. Market in View developed a simulator in-house to provide a cost efficient tool for the client’s use in portfolio and business planning.