Market in View utilized three different research methodologies among multiple user segments to gain insights on market response to a recently launched mobile device. This research study used both quantitative and qualitative approaches to evaluate consumer reasons for purchase, forgoing purchase, or return of the mobile device. Through a combination of various analytical tools, detailed findings revealed consumer drivers and their resulting actions regarding the mobile device. Market in View was able to provide clear recommendations to motivate purchase among new customers and encourage device retention among existing consumers.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: May 2016

the approach: Market in View employed a multiphase approach to understand consumer behavior toward this mobile device. In Phase One, in-person interviews revealed the most important aspects of mobile devices for current users which provided context for the additional phases of the research. In Phase Two, a quantitative, online survey lead to insights regarding specific reasons for purchase of this mobile device vs. one of the top competing brands. Specific analysis focused on consumer perceptions of the unique software used on the mobile device being studied. In Phase Three, quantitative surveys were conducted among those who recently returned the device, as well as additional in-depth telephone interviews. Extensive insights were gained on key return reasons and consumer perceptions including initial expectations of the device when first purchased.
the results: Through these three phases of research and resulting in-depth analysis, key reasons for purchase, forgoing purchase or return of the device were revealed. By understanding the consumer perceptions and initial expectations of the product compared to the actual experience, improvements were recommended that would decrease the likelihood of return and improve the overall consumer response to this mobile device.