Market in View’s nationwide ongoing tracker of youth mobile device usage and behavior monitors and identifies trends in the dynamic youth market. A customized online portal, designed for all management levels, furnishes clients with 24/7 access to tracker data, making complex trending and charting as easy as two clicks.

service: Quantitative
completion date: January 2011

the approach: Market in View conducts continuous online interviewing of users between ages 8 and 24. A total base of approximately 50,000 annually includes teens/young adults (13-24 years) and tweens (8-12 years). Market in View secures parental permission for tween participation following industry and federal guidelines. The project also draws out trends among a multitude of youth segments such as Hispanic Youth and College Students.
the results: This study tracks wireless usage and behavior, monitors performance of industry players and assesses brand health in both the overall youth market (ages eight-24) and among specific youth subsets. This knowledge helps to better understand the marketplace landscape, as well as strengths and weaknesses. The study exposes trends such as periodic gains/losses in specific market segments, provider switching patterns, and customer satisfaction drivers. Reliable data and prompt analysis — less than a month’s time from fieldwork to reporting — combine to provide clients with actionable information quickly. Flexibility is key: The tracker also accommodates questions about topics of current interest at any point, enhanced by quick-turn analysis and dedicated reporting of results. As a complement to its quarterly reports, Market in View designed a custom online portal with monthly updates to provide 24/7 access to all current data. This tool houses key metrics and allows clients to customize views using drop-down menus to display parameters of interest. Market in View offers ongoing custom support and ad-hoc analysis of portal data. Together, these features enable the client to understand the multi-faceted youth market and gauge its performance in order to make sound business decisions.