For the past six years, Market in View has conducted this nationwide online quantitative tracking study focused on the youth wireless market. By measuring youth mobile device usage and monitoring youth perceptions and behaviors, insights are gained in the dynamic youth market. A customized online portal furnishes clients with 24/7 access to tracking data, making complex inquiries easy to retrieve and understand.

service: Quantitative
completion date: January 2013

the approach: Market in View conducts continuous online surveying of users between ages 8 and 24. A total annual base of approximately 50,000 includes tweens (8-12 years) and teens/young adults (13-24 years). Following industry and federal guidelines, parental permission is secured for tween participation. In-depth analysis highlights trends among a multitude of youth segments, including Hispanic Youth and College Students.
the results: By tracking wireless usage and behavior, monitoring performance of industry providers, and assessing brand health in both the overall youth market and among specific youth subsets, insights are gained in the marketplace landscape. The study exposes trends such as periodic gains/losses in specific market segments, provider switching patterns, and customer satisfaction drivers. Surveys are fielded on an ongoing basis and reported every other month, where trend data is highlighted. Continuous fielding and analysis allows for a swift data driven response in the multi-faceted youth marketplace. Full reports, which dig into diagnostic analysis, are provided on a semi-annual schedule. Questions about topics of current interest are easily integrated into the monthly survey, providing an enormous amount of flexibility for this study. Market in View designed a custom portal (built in-house) for tracking the monthly analyzed data. This web portal provides 24/7 access to meaningful information presented in an easy to use, customizable format. Market in View offers ongoing custom support and ad-hoc analysis of portal data.