Market in View performed a deep-dive study to identify key drivers in Customer Experience and develop a detailed understanding for implementing improvements in this experience. Five sessions of qualitative research were used to inform a quantitative study, identifying the most important aspects of the customer’s relationship to the company during multiple stages of interaction. Market in View gained insights into the online and offline experience of the customer, including how they get, use, and access support for products and services from the company.


service: Qualitative, Quantitative
completion date: July 2019


the approach: Market in View conducted five focus groups among customers who had recently made a purchase, changed their service plan, or contacted the company for support.The quantitative phase was constructed by qualitatively understanding how customers acquired, used, and accessed any needed support. This online quantitative survey, which included over 2500 respondents and 15 Max Diff analyses, identified valuable insights into the derived importance of the drivers across the three interaction phases.
the results: Market in View’s research and analysis identified the top themes permeating the customer’s experience with nuanced details within the get, use, and support phases revealed. By comparing experiences across profiles, the company has a clear view of how customer attitudes and needs vary. Specific recommendations by the different types of interactions were delivered and aided the company in their goals of fostering the customer to company experience and relationship.