Market in View was challenged with the recruitment of three specific segments of youth (Urban Youth, Sports Inspired Youth, and Suburban Athletes) to participate in a study for the footwear apparel industry. Youth who collect exclusive or limited edition footwear and have a sense of the desirability and value of specific brands were needed to participate. Though the subject of the challenge was unique, the ideal participants were located and recruited for full participation in a 3-hour interview.

service: Qualitative
completion date: October 2013

the approach: The intricate targeting requirements for this recruit consisted of identifying three segments of youth in five major metropolitan markets to participate. Market in View used a variety of traditional and creative methodologies to recruit the needed groups of consumers. A mix of the youth population was recruited including elite athletes currently in high school, urban teen youth and college age youth, all with a passion for footwear and fashion. Full participation in the study required a three hour commitment, and for those under 18 years of age, parental participation was also required.
the results: Market in View was able to identify and recruit the required mix of teens, each exhibiting an enthusiasm for fashion and the hobby of collecting footwear.