Market in View launched this periodic tracking study to gauge consumer reaction to a range of pre-commercial, prototype-stage devices. Confidential, moderator-assisted interviews and surveys yielded information critical to device selection, development and future commercialization plans.

service: Quantitative
completion date: September 2010

the approach: Groups of consumers completed a computer-based survey following a hands-on evaluation of device models with proposed price/features lists. Additional in-depth, two-on-one interviews allowed moderators to record consumers’ spontaneous verbal feedback about the devices. Market in View implemented a number of protocols to ensure the security and confidentiality of the device prototypes.
the results: In this highly confidential study, Market in View employed numerous security measures to protect its client’s proprietary information about the pre-market devices under evaluation. In addition to utilizing non-disclosure agreements and holding personal devices for the duration of the study period, Market in View ensured that the online tools associated with the study contained no images; participants were able to form opinions about devices by handling them at various points during the survey in the presence of the moderator. The study uncovered clear trends in the appeal of specific devices and underscored the importance of certain features and design elements. The report included detailed results for each device group, and individual device snapshots condensed key metrics and their drivers, as well as revealing the most appealing device within each category. Based on its analysis of study data, Market in View provided its client with substantiated recommendations to support device selection for commercialization.