We are scheduling in-person interviews to learn more about your fast food eating habits and are seeking Hispanic males and females (18 to 35 years old) in the Los Angeles area.

These interviews are co-sponsored by our company, Market in View and a leading advertising agency BBH. They will NOT be used for marketing or sales purposes.

Qualified participants will be required to complete a 7-day diary and participate in an in-home interview that would last approximately 2 hours. At the completion of the interview, participants will a receive $425 check.

Please be assured we will not use this information to sell you anything now, or in the future, and the information you provide is held strictly confidential for the purposes of this research and will not be sold to any other organization or business.

If you are interested in participating, please answer the following questions to help us determine if you may qualify.

1. What city do you live in?
2. What is your age?
3. About how many times in a typical week you do eat at a fast food or sit down restaurant?
4. Do you eat fast food on a weekly basis?
5. What is your first name?
6. What is the best contact number to reach you?
7. What is the best email to reach you?

IF you qualify, a recruiter will call you within a few days to discuss the details. Please note you will NOT be compensated until you have qualified and participated in the full project

Please forward your information to: hwilliamson@marketinview.com