Market in View conducted this quantitative study to access interest in a Home Network Security Concept. By analyzing current usage and perceptions of Internet of Things (IoT) and the concerns of cyber threats associated with this technology, valuable insights were gained on concept appeal, feature prioritization, and price sensitivity.


service: Quantitative
completion date: June 2019


the approach: Market in View conducted this online survey with over 5000 customers currently using a variety of home automation devices. Customer intentions to expand their IoT adoption, along with awareness of and concern with home cyber threats were analyzed. Two options for Home Security Concepts were presented and the potential benefit of partnering with another brand was also analyzed. In-depth analysis highlighted customer interest in the concepts, likelihood to subscribe, price sensitivity, and customer profiles for the concepts.
the results: Market in View was able to identify Acceptors and Rejectors of both concepts and reveal the key selling points, most important features, and maximum revenue point for each concept. By analyzing key insights into reasons for appeal and brand reputation of the provider, the client was presented with valuable data-driven recommendations on the concepts and potential success of this product in the marketplace.