Market in View performed this quantitative study to better understand consumer expectations of Wi-Fi network performance within the home as well as smart home capability. By surveying consumers regarding 40 different Smart Home features, insights were gained on the value of various product bundles across several segments of users. Further, head to head comparisons of features led to key results regarding cost and feature trade-offs.


service: Quantitative
completion date: March 2017


the approach: Market in View took a creative and innovative approach to meet the project scope; in doing so, service provider, MESH Network, access points, installation, support services, security services, and smart home, and more were tested to determine customer perception and importance. The report culminated in distinct answers based on household, Internet service provider, demographics, and type of High Speed Internet connection.
the results: Analyzing current home network satisfaction coupled with consideration of customers seeking alternative features revealed the pros and cons of each service offered. Key target groups who would utilize present and future features as well as service opportunities were identified. Market in View determined optimized packages and solutions in order to maximize potential sales.