Market in View performed a multifaceted study to understand automobile owners’ perceptions of internet access integrated into their car by the manufacturer, and identified ways to increase interest in this vehicle Wi-Fi service. By combining qualitative and quantitative research methods, insights were gained on behaviors and attitudes of drivers who own cars capable of connecting to the internet. Market in View was able to provide clear recommendations to increase awareness and interest in automobile connectivity and identify the plan offering that would reach the largest customer base.


service: Qualitative, Quantitative
completion date: July 2019


the approach: Market in View recruited and conducted six focus groups among new vehicle owners with automobiles capable of internet connectivity. By analyzing information from four classes of automobiles, insights were gained on the attitudes and use of technology in the car. Focus group insights guided the quantitative phase of the study, where 1000 individuals were surveyed online to determine their need and preference of connected car technology. Multiple automobile data plans were presented and TURF analysis identified the optimal number of plans for offering, purchase intent, and purchase drivers.
the results: Market in View’s research and analysis identified the interest level, key drivers, and purchase intent of in-car Wi-Fi data plans. By comparing differences across vehicle categories, the unique needs of owner segments were revealed. A specific plan offering was recommended to the client to maximize subscriptions and keep customers connected, even while on the road.