This two-phased study was conducted to better understand the customer’s cellular communication expectations and experience while traveling internationally. The qualitative and quantitative phases provided insight into the entire process (before/during/after) of the customer experience. Initial qualitative focus groups provided insight into the thought process and highlighted difficulties of the consumer and barriers to continuing/recommending the international communications service. Analysis of the second quantitative phase provided further insight into the worldwide traveler and recommendations were provided to address concerns during each step of the process of planning and communications of international travel.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: September 2014

the approach: The qualitative and quantitative studies included the planning, travel and return phases of the international traveler, highlighting frustrations in all stages of travel for the consumer. Quantitative data analysis revealed the depth of consumer issues with international communications. Low, medium and high users of international calling, messaging and data were surveyed to identify a specific profile for each level of usage for the worldwide traveler.
the results: By incorporating input from both studies, valuable insight was gained about the worldwide traveler. Based on the profiles developed for three segments of users, Market in View provided recommendations for resolving communication issues and identified corresponding growth opportunities available.