In this concept study for an international client, Market in View initially determined the best shapewear package design among client company alternatives, and subsequently measured consumer reaction to a retail shelf lineup that included this preferred design as well as packages of competing brands.

service: Quantitative
completion date: April 2009

the approach: Approximately 700 shapewear purchasers within a target age range and purchase frequency compared two potential package designs for specified criteria, selected their preferred design, and then evaluated design aspects of a lineup of four competitor-brand packages alongside their initial client-company selection.
the results: Market in View’s design of this concept study accomplished two research objectives in a single project. First, participants evaluated various package design options for the client company’s product, pinpointing the overall best. Market in View dynamically incorporated this result design into the survey, and assessed the top package’s performance in a store shelf lineup of four similar, competitor-branded products. The study sought to understand likes and dislikes of client company/competitor package designs, compare specific design aspects, and measure key diagnostics of various brands. In addition, the study examined consumer expectations about retail channels for each of the brands.