Market in View was challenged with identifying participants for a native language qualitative study. Having successfully identified Hispanic respondents for an initial qualitative study, the client has repeatedly turned to Market in View for our ability to find and vet potential native Spanish speaking participants in specific geographical markets. The ideal participants have been located and recruited for full participation in a series of studies for the convenience meal industry.

service: Qualitative
completion date: January 2015

the approach: The targeting requirements for this series of recruits are varied within the Hispanic population. Market in View uses a variety of traditional and creative methodologies to recruit the needed Latin origin consumers for studies to include friendship groups, couples or individuals. The mix of age, gender and interests are varied based on the marketing goals. These studies take place in their homes and in their native language. The intricate specifics for this demographic target have been achieved with successful recruitment for 5 qualitative studies.
the results: Although some segments of this target market seem elusive, Market in View has been able to identify and recruit the required mix of Hispanic participants providing insight for the client and their marketing efforts.