This study focused on understanding the consumer appeal of several location-based service (LBS) concepts, in order to support salient recommendations for further development. The research gauged appeal and predicted usage/willingness to pay across three different billing structures, as well as identifying the best concepts of those tested and offering a concise acceptor profile for each.

service: Quantitative
completion date: July 2008

the approach: Nearly 1,200 postpaid customers with a usage frequency above a defined threshold were recruited to complete an online survey.
the results: The study focused on each concept’s appeal, predicted usage, billing structure and willingness to pay, also highlighting the best concept and the reasons for its success relative to the others tested. Concept analysis further includes an acceptor profile that pinpoints the type of consumer attracted to each service and reveals key consumer trends. The results examine appeal through both unpriced interest and uniqueness, and in cases in which a concept generated low interest among those surveyed, the reasons given for consumers’ disinterest are also included as part of the report. In addition to analyzing individual concepts, the study also features a comparison between the concepts in order to provide the client company with the most comprehensive results possible in support of ongoing critical development decisions.