This study examined consumer reaction to a proposed application for mobile devices, and additionally sought to understand current behaviors and habits among specific cultural segments in a highly competitive market. The findings of this study supported recommendations to the client, which contributed to a 13 percent increase in its stock value.

service: Quantitative
completion date: July 2009

the approach: Approximately 700 respondents, from four target cultural groups, received a client-branded email invitation to participate in this online study. All participants met a set of criteria that qualified them as potential users of the application.
the results: To determine whether the proposed application was likely to be well-received in a highly fluid consumer environment with no barriers to substitution of alternative methods, Market in View designed a study that revealed current mobile device habits among target cultural/nationality groups, determined purchase interest for each specific group, and fully analyzed all application concepts. By using priced concept descriptions and sample rates, Market in View derived weighted estimates of purchase intent upon which the client could create realistic marketing goals and projections for each cultural segment. Study responses indicated the application’s potential impact on current mobile device behavior, and identified areas for improvement of the application itself, as well as its positioning. The client company utilized the study learnings to refine the application concept prior to its launch, which generated a marked boost in stock value.