This two-phased research study evaluated the consumer’s understanding and reaction to new marketing messages being considered for a specific market for the wireless industry. For maximum feedback, separate qualitative focus groups were held for English and Spanish speaking participants with unique discussions planned for each. A follow-up online quantitative survey provided substantiated data on attitudes toward the messages and a recommendation was made that would reach the largest percent of the population with the greatest impact.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: December 2014

the approach: For the first phase of this study, Market in View recruited either English or Spanish speaking consumers to participate in discussion groups for gauging initial reaction and uncovering the ideal terminology for marketing use. These brainstorming sessions provided insights on initial reactions and highlighted either potential interest or barriers toward the messages. The second phase, an online quantitative survey was fielded through a national panel and was offered in English or Spanish. Each language version of the survey contained a unique set of concepts/messages geared toward that demographic segment. In-depth analysis led to understanding consumer objections and/or excitement for the wireless provider and their message.
the results: Through the two phases of data gathering and in-depth analysis in this bilingual market, all combinations of Offers, Claims and Messages were analyzed to determine the widest reach, highest rank, and greatest impact. The best combination of statements was clearly identified and recommended to the client.