The purpose of this study was to evaluate several descriptive name options for a service that would allow users to share, store or easily transfer to different locations their photo or video files. The survey also gauged customer reaction to a new concept description, and whether the new text would likely result in higher rates of purchase and use of the service.

service: Quantitative
completion date: September 2007

the approach: Participants pre-screened as meeting specific criteria were recruited via branded e-mail invitation and through an external panel. The total base size was 1,020 mobile phone consumers, and the online survey was fielded over five days.
the results: Survey participants ranked the various naming options according to their appeal in categories of fit, liking and uniqueness, effectively determining the best overall name according to the metric used. The participants and their responses were segmented by demographic group, highlighting appeal and likelihood to purchase across all population groups. The study looked closely at feedback from the total group of respondents as well as from distinct subsets such as concept adders, or those that would definitely or probably would add the and use the service most frequently. Responses delivered detailed information on the increased appeal of the new concept description, thus allowing the client to develop the most effective marketing message across all potential user groups. Data on customers’ degree of willingness to switch service providers in order to access the service, as well as perceived value and projected future use of the service, combine to provide a solid basis for the client to assess the potential success of the service.