Market in View performs an ongoing tracking study among over 3000 consumers on a monthly basis, reported on a quarterly basis to compare metrics across the four phases of a product life cycle, allowing the client to stay abreast of marketing campaign effects on loyalty, retention and attrition.

service: Quantitative
completion date: January 2011

the approach: This is an ongoing study with invitations sent on a monthly basis, aggregated to provide quarterly reporting. It is conducted among all levels of service, capturing the continuous four phases of a product life cycle, segmented by their usage status (including Non-users, New users, Current users and Former users) and by their service type to track key performance metrics, user profiles and attrition/adoption drivers over time.
the results: In addition to providing an ongoing profile of these segments, this study gathers loyalty and retention measures that are key in driving marketing decisions. We are able to provide these as well as capture powerful insights to understand consumer adoption, loyalty/retention and attrition drivers. The quarterly reporting schedule of this study provides timely, robust, relevant and up-to-date assessments of marketing campaign performance and maximization of marketing ROI.