Market in View has performed this quantitative research study for a live TV and On Demand entertainment streaming service for over two years. By tracking performance and satisfaction monthly for the service, along with metrics of the leading competitor services, insights are gained to guide the service on actionable efforts to increase user satisfaction and competitively position the product in the marketplace.


service: Quantitative
completion date: Ongoing in 2019


the approach: Market in View gauges customer satisfaction, attitudes and perceptions, performance, feature importance, issues, and continued use with an online quantitative survey for the streaming service and leading competitors. Ad-hoc questions are customized based on previous month’s learnings to optimize insights, while keeping the core tracking questions constant for trending.
the results: With performance and satisfaction tracking, Market in View continues to identify the impact of key changes needed for service improvements. Results are used to drive technical improvement and end-user satisfaction. Specific issues for the service or concerns relative to competition continue to be discovered, explored, and communicated to the product team for quick responses in a fast-changing streaming service industry.