Market in View has completed five waves of a quantitative research study for a Beta streaming device, with a sixth wave planned.By tracking satisfaction, performance, frequency of performance issues, and usage for the deviceamong Beta testers, insights are delivered to the development team highlighting areas for improvement before the device is available in-market.


service: Quantitative
completion date: Ongoing in 2019


the approach: Beta testers received a device and participated through an online quantitative survey. By including other streaming devices in the online questionnaire, the competitive landscape is identified. Each wave, ad-hoc questions are integrated to gain insights on specific features and challenges. Early results of the study led to development improvements, and the number of Beta testers has expanded to provide comparative data against the baseline regarding the impact of improvements to the device experience. Market in View’s ability to quickly gather feedback and provide analysis, allows the client to make data driven decisions concerning further development of the device.
the results: Through ongoing tracking and in-depth analysis, Market in View is able to quickly gain insights concerning the product experience and various in-depth topics regarding the device. Insights are captured  each wave for the key topics researched and the continuous tracking of the product experience, providing valuable guidance for the client as the device is brought to market.