By working with almost 300 consumers and business employees (quantitative and qualitative), we tested a new high tech product versus competition in a head to head, 3 week in-home use test and were able to determine price sensitivity, as well as key purchase drivers, and priority issues to address before launch.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: March 2005

the approach: Both consumers and business employees tested two products head to head in their homes over the course of three weeks. An existing product and a new high tech product were evaluated and compared on attributes, performance, and overall preference. Purchase intent, price sensitivity, and use case scenarios for both consumers and business users were also obtained.
the results: Direct comparisons to an existing product were made and user preferences identified versus to a new high tech product. Service value, quality, and performance were evaluated resulting in product improvement recommendations. Purchase considerations and price sensitivity for the new product were analyzed and recommendations made prior to nationwide launch.