This qualitative study focused on the key drivers for why consumers choose to browse and shop either online or in a traditional, brick and mortar store for specific technology-related products and services. With the goal of increasing online shopping for both products and services, a series of focus groups were conducted to evaluate current behavior and expectations of future behavior regarding traditional versus online shopping. Recommendations were provided giving guidance to the roadmap for this industry regarding online shopping. Specific improvements needed to increase consumer satisfaction with their current online shopping experience were highlighted and ideas for future improvements needed to increase online shopping were proposed.

service: Qualitative
completion date: October 2012

the approach: Multiple focus groups were recruited, in two cities, with consumers who are engaged at various levels of activity with online shopping. Moderator-led discussions explored in-depth the trends and desires in the online shopping market and the expectations of consumers for the years ahead. Given the goal to increase online shopping, specific emphasis was placed on understanding what activities consumers feel must be accomplished at a physical store and the reasons why they perceive the brick and mortar store to be superior for some activities. Insights were gained on ways to offer more options online and increase usage and satisfaction. The focus groups explored future ideas which will improve online shopping, including enhanced methods for evaluating products and services and the purchase of those items.
the results: By understanding why consumers prefer one method of shopping over the other and the exact activities perceived to be better with each method, valuable insights were gained. With an understanding of the long range needs and desires of the online shopping consumer, Market in View provided a clear path for the strategic direction that will increase the percentage of consumers embracing the online shopping experience for both device purchases and service needs.