This qualitative study involved both security professionals and consumers with professionally-monitored home security systems in their home. Input from both groups was collected to gain insights on consumer perceptions and expectations, determine security system improvements, and provide guidance to the roadmap for developing future home security systems to meet the protection needs of the consumer in the years to come.

service: Qualitative
completion date: August 2012

the approach: In-depth interviews among security professionals were conducted to evaluate the trends in the security marketplace, current offerings, and the most significant threats to consumers. Market in View conducted focus groups with consumers to gain an understanding of what expectations home owners have of their security system and what they would like to see in the future for a fully reliable and integrated security system.
the results: By providing a clearly defined set of consumer expectations and what gaps exist with current providers, Market in View created both short term and long term improvement ideas for home security offerings. These recommendations included details about the emotions of consumers with regard to purchasing a home security solution, incremental improvements, and systems tests for existing services. Additionally, specific recommendations were presented for a futuristic type home security system that would provide fully integrated protection for home owners and their possessions.