This two-phased research study evaluated the consumer’s understanding and reaction to a new and complex concept for the wireless industry. Qualitative focus groups provided insights on initial reactions and highlighted either potential interest or barriers toward the concept. A follow-up online quantitative survey provided substantiated data on attitudes toward the new concept. Recommendations were made concerning adoption of this concept into the client’s profile of service offerings.

service: Quantitative, Qualitative
completion date: November 2012

the approach: For the first phase of this study, Market in View recruited small groups of consumers to participate in discussions aimed at gauging initial interest and uncovering the ideal language to explain this complex concept in a consumer friendly and easy-to-understand method. Valuable terminology that resonates with consumers was discovered to aid in future explanations. The second phase, an online quantitative survey, was fielded to further understand consumer interest and potential objections and/or excitement for the new concept. Five different use cases were introduced to identify both specific motivators for adoption and barriers to use.
the results: Through the two phases of data gathering and in-depth analysis, the market potential for this new concept was identified, along with reactions toward the different use cases. A clear attitude toward adoption was identified. Based on both the quantitative and qualitative analyses, Market in View presented recommendations concerning the communications strategy for graphic and logo perceptions, the viability for mainstream market adoption, and inclusion into the service portfolio.