Market in View performed this qualitative study with highly engaged gamers to better understand the purchase barriers perceived for a unique, hand-held, mobile gaming device. With the device already released and on the market, the challenge was to understand why the device had not experienced the expected sales and to provide recommendations that would reach the target market and improve sales. Hands-on evaluations and focus group discussions led to recommendations that would reshape the client’s marketing efforts and drove a new creative brief for the message, identifying the correct target market to improve the selling channels used.

service: Qualitative
completion date: February 2013

the approach: Market in View identified gamers who use console, cell phones or tablets with various levels of gaming engagement for focus group discussion in two cities. By facilitating focus group discussions immediately following hands-on product evaluations, valuable insights for the gaming experience were gained on awareness, expectations, user experience, advantages of different models, and pricing. Prior to the hands-on evaluations, gamers had low interest and were skeptical of the device performance. The insights Market in View gained identified the specific barriers preventing gamers from trying this unique device.
the results: Market in View’s research and analysis led to recommendations for revising the current device message and marketing strategy. The client embraced Market in View’s research and recommendations and has taken immediate steps toward implementation.