This qualitative research study was conducted to evaluate the consumer’s reason for disconnecting a home automation security service. Market research was performed by contacting customers who recently stopped their subscription. Qualitative phone interviews provided deep insight leading to recommendations aimed at decreasing the number of customer disconnects and identifying areas of improvement needed to prevent customers from canceling their service.

service: Qualitative
completion date: September 2014

the approach: Qualitative telephone interviews were performed identifying reasons for disconnect within six customer service categories of specific interest to the client. Key issues within these customer segments provided a considerable amount of insight into the original purchase motivators, the purchase process, the overall experience of using the automated home service, and the reasons/motivators for disconnecting.
the results: Through the in-depth analysis provided by Market in View, key reasons for disconnecting the service were revealed. By understanding the customer perceptions and initial expectations of the service compared to the actual experience, improvements were recommended that would decrease the likelihood of disconnect and improve the customer experience with this security service.