This qualitative study focused on understanding the experience of customers who had solar panels installed in their home by a company which partnered with their existing service provider. Insights gained detailed customers’ thoughts and experiences regarding sales, the installation process as well as their overall satisfaction with using residential solar energy. Market in View was able to identify how the experience impacted customers’ opinions of their current service provider which partnered with the solar energy provider.

service: Qualitative
completion date: April 2016

the approach: Market in View conducted an online survey with customers in a specific geography who recently installed solar panels on their home using one of several partner providers. Feedback was analyzed concerning the initial sale, installation process, and ongoing use of the solar panels. Market in View was able to determine if the customers’ long term satisfaction with their service provider has been effected by the collaboration of the solar panel partnering companies.
the results: By comparing the results of this study with results of consumers who have not participated in a service with a partnering company, the impact on the brand of the provider due to the partnering program was established.