Market in View performed this qualitative study during the product development cycle for an app nearing launch. By conducting focus groups with customers exhibiting various levels of app use, insights were gained on the expectations and value of apps across different segments of users. Recommendations included identifying design feature improvements needed before launch, a revised market position for consideration, and advice for management about the ongoing support necessary to deliver and maintain a quality product.

service: Qualitative
completion date: October 2016

the approach: Market in View facilitated nine focus groups with current app users to understand how consumers discover and select apps. Perceptions, expectations, strengths, and weaknesses were identified by exposing customers to the prototype app. In addition, insights were gained about the design and UI of the app.
the results: Market in View’s research and analysis revealed design aspects that needed to be addressed prior to full launch of the app. Recommendations provided specifics for revising the current marketing message and strategy to position the new app as a replacement for a common, yet negatively viewed set of apps.