Market in View examined the motivations and intentions of those who currently own and use a 3G/4G data enabled tablet but do not participate in a data plan for that tablet. This quantitative, online study surveyed tablet owners regarding their reasons for purchasing a 3G/4G embedded tablet. Key decision drivers were analyzed to understand the consumer’s reasons to not purchase a data plan for their tablet. Additional investigation on the consumer’s perceptions, history and future intentions for data plan usage provided insight into the motivating factors for a tablet owner to acquire a data plan. Recommendations were provided giving guidance on several data plan options being considered for market availability.

service: Quantitative
completion date: May 2013

the approach: Consumers who had purchased the typically more expensive, 3G/4G data enabled tablet but had not purchased a corresponding data plan, were surveyed to better understand their reason for this combination of decisions. Market in View evaluated multiple key decision drivers, along with usage and attitudes for the device and data plans. Multiple data plan offerings were analyzed for consideration into the client’s product portfolio.
the results: By capturing and measuring the opinions and perceptions of these specific tablet owners, insights were gained on the customer decision to buy a 3G/4G data enabled tablet but not use it in such a way. The barriers that tablet owners faced in purchasing a data plan were also identified. Market in View determined the motivations of these tablet owners and what would likely influence them to purchase a data plan for their tablet, thus allowing customers to use their tablet to its fullest potential. Specific recommendations were provided for the client’s potential expansion of data plan choices.