This quantitative, online study surveyed customers who have recently received alerts from a notification program they subscribe to. Customers were invited to participate in the survey via a text message sent to their mobile device. Surveys were designed to be mobile device-friendly, allowing customers to conveniently participate. Market in View analyzed the satisfaction level with the notification system based on frequency, parameters for receiving an alert, and the method of the communication they receive. Customer feedback on their current perceptions and satisfaction led to recommendations for improvements in the program.

service: Quantitative
completion date: June 2013

the approach: Market in View was able to successfully push a text message containing an invitation and link for a survey to the mobile devices for customers who subscribe to a notification service. Having designed the survey in a compact format to meet the parameters of mobile devices, participants were able to quickly and conveniently respond to the survey right from their mobile device.
the results: The frequency of receiving notifications, the activity level which triggers an alert, and the various methods for which a notification could be communicated were all analyzed for current satisfaction and future desires of how customers would like to be notified. By gaining insights into the customer’s perceptions, Market in View was able to provide recommendations addressing key areas of the notification system.